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News and Events
Annual Bat Night is a Big Hit

Olompali's annual Bat Night had a large turnout again this year, with more than 150 adults and kids of all ages celebrating the park's winged friends.

The program featured bat-mask making, videos, displays, and “Meeting Your Local Bats” with Corky Quirk from NorCal Bats. As dusk descended, we witnessed the emergence of bats from the Visitor Center Bat House and watched them as they swooped and dove while catching insects. Then, at nightfall, using the Visitor Center building as a video screen, Corky presented her audiovisual program.

Olompali is home to a large, successful colony of pallid bats (Antrozous pallidus), as well as tiny mosquito-eating Myotis californicus. In fact, the species of bats documented at Olompali also include the big brown bat, hoary bat, western red bat, Townsend’s big-eared bat, Mexican free-tail bat, and Yuma myotis.

The park has become a safe haven for bats because of the protection afforded by its wild lands, lack of pesticide use, old snag trees, and preserved historic buildings in which bats can roost.

​Special thanks go to all our volunteers as well as State Parks ranger Derek Shelly, who handled public safety, and Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Cathleen Cannon, who organized the volunteers. Diane Einstein of The Olompali People planned and facilitated the event.

Photos by Rick Fraites